Subscription FAQ

1.) How do I know what size t-shirt to order?

      The shirts will be unisex tee's that run true to size S-3XL. T-shirt brands will vary- tultex, bella canvas, gilden, next level, etc. 

 2.) When will my payment come out?

       Your first month’s payment is due upon purchase. After you receive your first monthly box, your payment will be processed on the 5th of each month. 

 3.) When will my box be shipped?

      Your box will be shipped out by the 15th of each month. Sometimes it could be sooner if possible. 

 4.) How do I cancel my recurring payment?

       After receiving your first box, you may cancel simply by emailing us at at least 14 days prior to your next payment date. Please remember, once you have cancelled, you cannot get another box until the subscription is reopened. Each box is different and full of awesomeness, so don't miss out!

 5.) Are the items in the box returnable or exchangeable?

       No, The items in the box are purchased specifically for your box and cannot be returned or exchanged. 

 6.) Do the regular boutique discount codes apply?

       No, the discount code’s for the rest of the boutique do not apply to the Re-Fabulous Box. The Re-Fabulous Box is a recurring payment and would require a specific discount code in order to use it on the Re-Fabulous Box.

7.) Is Sezzle available on Subscriptions?

     No, you can not use Sezzle for your Re-Fabulous Box.