Lady in Leopard Pants

Y'all...I know I say this ALL THE TIME...but for real...these may just be my new favorite jeans of all time. Who doesn't love leopard print???? I mean these are pretty perfect! this print will give any outfit such a fun, edgy look...but that's not even the best part!!! These jeans have the PERFECT amount of stretch to hug any curve in all the right places! YOU NEED THESE! Talk about a high fashion look- you will be a lady in leopard!

Cello Brand

62% cotton 18% rayon 17% polyester 3% spandex

Example- Brooke & Ashley prefer the 7 (normally a size 5), Megan prefers the 5 (normally a size 3)

Sizing example- I wear a 10 in other jeans, but in boutique jeans I wear the 11. The waist of the size 5 is 26" and the waist of the size 11 is 29". Standard inseam is 27 inches. 

Hi rise cello leopard crop skinny jeans