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For Such a Time Necklace

Gorgeous "For she knew she was here...for such a time as this" necklace by The Vintage Sparrow- a hand made jewelry company from right outside of Nashville, TN.

Each piece is made by hand, and that's the beauty of the Vintage Sparrow product. The time is taken to make each piece without the use of a machine. 

TVS jewelry is made up of various metals and glass.  Brass, copper, and other pliable metals are used for each piece. Most all of our pieces are antiqued with some form of patina that causes all or parts of the piece to look old or vintage. The coolest past of our jewelry is not only the uniqueness but the price. We use quality products but also choose material that will keep each piece affordable. You will always be able to find a cute gift or a special piece for yourself at nearly half the cost of many other stamped jeweler sources.